EVERY RUNNER & PARENT should subscribe to the LHS Cross-Country newsletter.  The newsletter will keep you informed of upcoming meets, off-site training, etc. 




Runners will need their t-shirt size, their graduation year (for example, 2020) parent's cell phone number(s), address, and their cell number, if applicable.  Fill in ALL fields.


If parents have different e-mail addresses each parent will need to complete the form for each e-mail address.  Choose the e-mail address you check often, but won't mind getting weekly (or more) e-mails.  (During race season you will get the regular newsletter plus a separate e-mail with race information and/or spaghetti dinner details.)  When signing up your e-mail address only includes your runner's name, your name (spouse's name if different last name), your cell number, address, and that you are a parent.  For all other information (t-shirt size, spouse's info, etc.) don't complete the fields if not required or put in 000-000-0000 in required phone number fields and N/A in text required fields.


Click the button below, complete the form in its entirety (including whether you are a runner, parent, or alum), AND then look for an e-mail within an hour to complete the process.  If you do not get an e-mail within the hour something went wrong and you are not signed up. 


If you decide to UNSUBSCRIBE to the newsletter the communications person CAN NOT add you back on the list manually.  You will need to complete the form again to get back on the list.  If you have any problems or questions contact Beth Ann Hanson