Welcome To A Tradition of Champions!


THE GOALS OF LHSCC 2014 include developing the healthy habits/lifestyle of an endurance athlete in order to competeat a championship level.


COACHES include:

Coach R. Barbe - Head Coach

Coach M. Pastirik - Health & Wellness Coach

Coach C. Rivers - Elites Coach

Coach L. Morrison - Rookies & Academic Coach

Coach M. Hyman - Rookies Coach

SENIOR CAPTAINS include Ruth Ann Traynelis and Dan Nelson


  • Athlete Information Form - Fill out completely and accurately and return asap

  • Dekalb County Physical Form (including proof of insurance) - This must be completed, including all insurance information, and turned in before you can participate in any LHSCC activities (even voluntary summer training. Physicals are good for one calendar year.)

  • Emergency Medical Information Form - Over-the-Counter medication permission form

  • Driving Permission Form - This is required for any athlete to travel away from Lakeside for training

(All forms are available on the Lakeside Cross-Country website: www.lakesidexc.org)

ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY/SUCCESS is required of all student/athletes


  • RUNNING SHOES for a cross-country athlete. It is recommended that all runners go to BIG PEACH Running Co. and tell them you are from LHSCC and need new shoes for summer training and the season beginning in August

  • WATER BOTTLE to always have water available in order to guarantee proper hydration

  • STOP WATCH in order to know your "time" (and to be sure you're not late for practice)


GOALS for the summer include:

  • establishing a strong base of long distance running (approx. 20-50 miles/week)

  • gaining leg and upper body strength thru regular workouts

  • improved flexibility and muscle tone (and avoiding injury)

  • improved diet and hydration


  • TEAM TRAINING (voluntary but necessary and expected) Monday - Friday (starting Tuesday, May 27th) 8:00 am - 9:30 am meeting on the LHS track; Coaches and/or Captains will be at most morning practices

  • A specific SUMMER TRAINING SCHEDULE will be published on the website before 5/27 - THERE ARE NO "WASTED DAYS" DURING SUMMER TRAINING. EVERY DAY IS IMPORTANT TO OUR SUCCESS AS A TEAM AND YOUR INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS. Therefore it is critical that every runner commit to a summer-long training schedule in order to be prepared for the regular season and help us achieve our team and individual goals.

  • TRAINING ON YOUR OWN if you cannot attend TEAM TRAINING, you are expected to "TOYO!" (Train on your own.) Check the website for running shedules so that you can keep up with the team; Individual work outs are expected to include the same level of intesity as Team Training; MISSING A TEAM WORKOUT IS NO EXCUSE FOR MISSING TRAINING FOR THAT DAY! IMPORTANT NOTE: EVERY WORK-OUT begins with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down

  • STRENGTH TRAINING should be a part of every training day; Focus on leg strength, core and upper body strength. Important exercises include planks, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges and toe raises; We will use the LHS weight room regularly for specific strength training but every runner is expected to maintain a regular strength schedule throughout the summer

  • CROSS TRAINING like swimming, biking, hiking, etc. are also effective and provide a break


  • RUN LOGS are an important way for runners to keep track of all the aspects of their training and to measure their success. They should be kept throughout the summer and will be required in the Fall. (Blank run logs are available on the website.) The more detail the better.

THE "OFFICIAL" REGULAR SEASON begins the week before school begins.

OUR FIRST OFFICIAL/MANDATORY PRACTICE is scheduled for MONDAY, AUGUST 4th; Practices will be from 8:00 am - 9:30 am on the LHS track this first week of practice


OUR 2014 SCHEDULE includes:

  • DAILY PRACTICES after school, from 3:30 - 5:30 (starting Monday, Aug. 11th)

  • INVITAIONAL RACES are scheduled for most Saturdays from the end of Aug. through Oct. A complete schedule will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

  • WEEKLY UPDATES from Coach Barbe will include race results, updates, tips, etc.

FOR MORE INFORMATION be sure to check: www.LakesideXC.org the official website of the team for updates, schedules, info, forms, pictures, etc.

Be sure to sign-up for "Get Newsletter" on the website to receive updates using your personal e-mail for weekly updates, urgent messages about changes, etc. Sign-up on the Facebook page (name to be given later) for information and updates from team captains.

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS contact Coach Barbe Richard_E_Barbe@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us


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