LHSCC 2014 Weekly Run Log #2


Print this out and put in on your refrigerator!


OUR FIRST WEEK served to introduce new runners, as well as returning veterans, to LHSCC. We trained hard, varied our pace, distance, and running surface. We warmed up and cooled down to promote recovery. We did this everyday! Our hard work culminated with the LHSCC Distance Challenge in which runners were challenged to run as far as they could in 60 minutes. Top runners like Davis Stockwell, Philip Lechner and Max Steele knocked off nearly 10 miles! But we also had frozen ice pops, watermelons and fun. We also started to become a team, as we celebrated the annual LHSCC Team Games in which everyone was a winner. But it was the “Jamaican Bobsled Team” captained by Dan Nelson that took home the coveted Gold Cups.

THE BEGINNING OF SCHOOL (on Monday!) also signals the start of after school practices. Runners will meet daily on the LHS track by 3:30 p.m. Prior to reporting to the track they should take care of after-school business, dress out, fill water bottle, etc. Finally, prior to going outside, runners should report to room 1213 to sign-in on the attendance log. Please don’t be late!

NOTE: All Runners should secure any personal items and/or valuables before coming to practice. Runners may leave their book bags in room 1213, which will be locked, during practice. Unattended valuables may somehow walk away!

NEW RUNNERS are still welcome to join LHSCC 2014. However, Friday August 15 is the deadline for new runners. Remember, that all required paperwork must be completed and turned in before you can run. (The XC Forms packet is located on our website, www.LakesideXC.org.)

BUY NEW SHOES! With the start of another season (separate from the summer training season) it is time to buy a new pair of shoes. There is nothing more important to the success and enjoyment of every runner. Mike Cosentino and staff of Big Peach Running Company spoke to runners and parents last week on a wide variety of topics including shoe types, choices, injuries, spikes, and accessories. A Rep from BPRC will also be at our first Booster Club Meeting on Tuesday, August 19. Now is the time for new shoes for all runners, unless you just bought shoes this weekend. And Big Peach is a good place to go. Tell them you are part of LHSCC for a preferred customer discount.

A CHANCE TO RUN FOR OTHERS. A growing part of the LHSCC tradition is our involvement in the community. This weekend offers a terrific chance to do what we love to do and help others at the same time. The Lekotek Run for Children is Saturday, August 16 at Perimeter College (Dunwoody Campus). This organization helps bring play to children with disabilities and special needs. It’s also a chance to run a competitive, but fun, 4-mile race the weekend before our own competitive season begins. Sign up now on Active.com and use “Lakeside Runner” for a registration discount.

COACH’S TIP: IT’S EVERYDAY. Whether you are new to LHSCC or a multi-year veteran, the challenge of cross country remains the same: Commitment. The qualities that are necessary for everyone to reach their full potential and achieve their goals require daily “practice”. Whether it is obvious things, like endurance and speed, or the “little” things like form, nutrition and rest, the most important aspect is to do it every day. Any day of training missed is like going back two days in your progress. So, when you wake up, make a fresh commitment to doing what it takes. Everyday. (You only have to do it for the rest of your life!)

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE: Use this schedule to plan your other activities so you do not miss any training days. Excused absences from team practice does not excuse missed training!

ALL PRACTICES ARE AT LHS THIS WEEK. We will begin off-campus practices next Wednesday.

DON’T FORGET TO BRING A FULL WATER BOTTLE, WATCH, TOWEL and a COMMITMENT to practice every day. Coaches reserve the right to remove unprepared runners from practice.

MONDAY: Intervals. Up tempo runs of a specified distance with fixed rest periods

(3 – 5 miles)

TUESDAY: Recovery. Moderate distances at a moderate pace

(4 – 8 miles)

WEDNESDAY: Threshold. Shorter distance at an accelerated pace

(3 – 5 miles)

THURSDAY: Pool. Aerobic, low impact workout with focus on strength.

Thursdays also include our FRESH MESH (study hall for 9th grade runners).

FRIDAY: Recovery. Focus on building endurance and distance base



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