LHSCC Weekly Word #6

LHSCC 2014 WEEKLY UPDATE #6from Coach Barbe

There is some important information here, read it!

A HOT RACE! By every definition of the word, Saturday’s race was H-O-T. The Roy Benson Double Dip offered scorching times, competition and temperatures. And LHSCC was cookin’! (I have a lot more puns Thanks to all the good folks at MARIST SCHOOL for all they do every year to make this race a team favorite. BTW Marist is going to order more of the very popular Double Dip t-shirts. See Coach Barbe if you are interested in ordering one.

THE VARSITY BOYS continued to improve over last year’s team, dropping 30 seconds from the team average from a year ago to finish 5th out of 21 teams. Davis Stockwell finished fourth overall to lead the team. LHSCC had four runners within 5 seconds of each other in an impressive purple finish.

THE VARSITY GIRLS finished in the middle of the pack with their young team continuing to improve with two top 20 finishers in Corrie Smith (15th) and Morgan Mihalis (20th) They also showed a team effort with four runners within 30 seconds at the finish.

THE JV BOYS finished 6th as a team, led by two top 15 runners, Philip Lechner (13th) and Myles Boyd (14th) Ryan Wenner (21st) finished just out of the medals.

THE JV GIRLS were led by newcomer Jen Guzdial (36th) and had a group to finish within 10 seconds of each other. That’s team work!

FIRST YEAR RUNNERS (including the Freshmen) had a race of their own, Jake Tubesing finished 10th overall to lead the team. Charlie Bresee (21st) and Caleb Torres (22d) were also top finishers. Feven Alemayhu and Julie DeVastey were our only girls and they did LHSCC proud!

THE OPEN RACE was led from start to finish by Emiliano Arellano. He actually lapped the field on the way to the finish. Adam Banspach (3d) was close behind as the LHSCC team finished 3rd overall.

For the girls, Tiffany Ng, Shea Flanagan and Hayden Ramsey were just seconds apart for the Girls.

Julienne DeVastey (an eighth grader from HMS) is this season’s first recipient of the FANTASTIC FINISHER AWARD! The whole Open team was witness to her look of determination as she took the last turn and kicked it to finish. She was really “hammerin nails!” This is what LHSCC is all about!

THE NUMBERS ADD UP. Dropping 30 seconds from a varsity team average is huge. So is the fact that the boys were only 26 points out of first place. If the pack of 4 had passed the same 6 runners LHSCC could have won the race. Every racer Saturday has those same kinds of “numbers” that are how racers measure their success. Everyone should start to pay closer attention to their numbers everyday in their practice pace. So, get a watch and watch the numbers add up.

TUESDAY’S RACE will involve everyone, but not everyone is racing. Runners who are racing Saturday will use Tuesday as the regular recovery day (moderate distance) ALL other runners (regardless of which races you have run in the past) will run in the VARSITY RACE ( Boys and Girls in the same race) However, this race does not count as a varsity race towards earning a Varsity Letter at the end of the season.

THANKS to all the parents that supported LHSCC this past week. Thanks to the parents that drove to DHMS, to the Booster Club Officers who met, to the Breedens and the parents who helped with our Spaghetti dinner and to everyone who cheered on the runners on Saturday. Please, support LHSCC with your Booster Club membership, volunteer and come out Tuesday.

COACH’S TIP: LEARN YOUR LESSON. Saturday’s race was a real test. The hot, somewhat hilly course challenged every thing we have been practicing for 5 weeks now. How did you do? Certainly everyone “passed” but what grade would you give yourself?

Think about everything you did to get ready for Saturday morning. Running a lot of course, but also resting. Chowing like a champion and all of the homework Coaches are always talking about. Think about how you did in the race. Not just your time, consider each part of the race. How did you do against the challenges of the day? What we are doing with our training are the same things you have to do to be successful on classroom test too. (There’s not as much icing required to study though.)

YOUR HOMEWORK 1. “What grade would you give yourself for the Double Dip and why.” Subpart a. What was the most important lesson that Saturday’s race taught you?

Due before Thursday’s practice.

BTW Whenever students ask me how long an answer has to be, I tell them “long enough to answer the question completely”

THIS WEEKS SCHEDULE This should know the routine by now, so be ready

MONDAY MODERATE for Tuesday’s racers

Carrollton racers see Coach Rivers

TUESDAY DeKalb County RACE at Druid Hills MS at 5:00pn

(Yes, I ‘m sure this time. All runners should bring their uniforms Tuesday)

TEAM BUS LEAVES at 4:00pm (upper parking lot)

WEDNESDAY HILLS of Shamrock (Again?! Yes please)

(Do we need drivers again? Yes, please)


(practice ends early on Thursdays)

FRIDAY MODERATE for everyone


EVERYONE ELSE…Make it a QUALITY training day.

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