LHS XC Weekly Word #8

September 29, 2014

LHSCC 2014 WEEKLY UPDATE #8…from Coach Barbe


A NEW ATTITUDE is what runners will need to achieve the goals that still remain for the season.  Through hard work and dedication, everyone has become a runner.  Since the start of September, we  have added specific hill, speed, form and strategy work to become racers.  We have emphasized the little things we do everyday at home as keys to continuing to improve.  Our success in races so far speaks for itself.  Now there is one last ingredient needed to prepare for the championship season that is just a couple of weeks away…A WINNING ATTITUDE!  This week we are going to work on finding the competitor in every LHSCC member.  Its time to find out what our motto: “the cost may be great…but the reward is greater” really means.  Runners should prepare themselves for what may be our toughest week of training so far…. 


TWO RACES THIS WEEK will give all runners a chance to practice their new attitudes by challenging them to measure their success against the course as well as the other runners in the race.


TUESDAY AT DRUID HILLS MS is our last chance to compete on the County and Region Championship Course.  We have run this course more than anyone, so runners should know it by now.  The challenge for this race will be to “beat the course” by having a specific strategy to do your very best.  Start thinking now about your start, how you will race the hills, when you are going to make your moves, when you are going to start your finishing kick…etc.

EVERYONE will run in the first VARSITY RACE at approx. 5:15pm


SATURDAY IN CONYERS is a chance to everyone to race against top level competition over a challenging course in the Aubrae Gunderson Invitational at the Georgia Intl Horse Park.  This is our last race before the championship teams are picked (as well those that will be invited to race at Wendy’s) so everyone is encouraged to “beat somebody!”

THE VARSITY BOYS (10) and GIRLS (10) will race in the WHITE VARSITY RACES 

at 8:50am for the Boys and 9:15am for the Girls 

THE JV / OPEN BOYS race at 10:30am and the JV /OPEN GIRLS race at 10:55am


LAST WEEK AT ARABIA MTN was a challenge to the competitive spirit of everyone who ran.  A long, tough course on a hot day against a small field made this a very difficult “race”  All runners who competed should be proud of their efforts.  Among the outstanding efforts of the day was the finish of Lakeside’s Language Dept’s Henri Devastey, as he “sprinted” the last 100 (generously measured) yards of the race still in his school clothes; as he encouraged his daughter Julienne to the finish line.


TOOLS help us to do our work better.  Thursday evening, Andrew and Grant (LHSCC c/o 04) from Big Peach demonstrated some tools that can help speed recovery, from a training session or an injury.  Foam rollers and massage sticks are inexpensive and can be used to warm up muscles before a run or after a run to start getting ready for tomorrow.  BTW, BPRC is generously donating some new rollers to LHSCC!  After we got everyone “rolling” the Booster Club provided pizza for the team.  


COACH’S TIP:  YOU HAVE GOT TO WANT IT!  We have reached the point of the season where everyone has to do a self assessment, what competitive athletes call a “gut check”  We have worked very hard to get to where we are, but there is still a lot of hard work remaining. It’s like a race, we have been running hard for what seems like a long time, and then there is Coach Barbe standing there saying “just one more mile to go!”  Did he say another mile!?  You have to ask yourself “Do I have what it takes to keep going?  To push even harder?  This week will help you answer that question.


THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE will challenge your competitive spirit


MONDAY            QUALITY DAY with a focus on SPEED

                            On the LHS track and on the baseball field



                           TEAM BUS LEAVES AT 4pm

                           WE WILL RETURN AROUND 7:00pm



                           Traffic usually makes us a little late getting back from Lullwater Park, so look for 

                            The team to return to LHS around 6:30pm


THURSDAY       POOL DAY This will be a RECOVERY DAY after 3 straight Quality days


FRIDAY              LONG DAY at “Moderate” pace in the neighborhood



                           TEAM BUS LEAVES AT 7am

                           RETURN TO LHS around 1pm


SUNDAY            REST. 

                           You will need it…because it doesn’t get any easier: you just get faster!

                           (This was our motto a few years back)

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