LHS XC Weekly Word #10

LHSCC 2014 WEEKLY UPDATE # 10… from Coach Barbe


THE JV COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP was an opportunity for LHSCC to prove the strength (literally) and bright future of our program.

THE JV GIRLS ran one of the most courageous races of LHSCC history! Really. Even though they are just freshmen, Brittany Andrienni (5th overall) and Hannah Breeden (6th) ran like the seasoned 2nd year veterans they are. They were joined by current 8th grader Julienne DeVastey and 3 runners who are still recovering from injuries. Kathryn Kent, Abby Thien and Mallorie Eberhardt declared themselves “ready to race!” despite obvious limps and looks of grim determination. As a result, they are DeKalb County Runners Up to a Dunwoody team that was as dominant in their race as our boys were in theirs.

THE JV BOYS ran like the champions they are. Myles Boyd ran one of the smartest races by any LHSCC member to win the gold medal and the Dekalb County Individual Championship. He was joined by his teammates in filling most of the first 11 spots in the race. Oscar Godoy (3rd), Ryan Wenner (4th), Caleb Cloud (5th), Sub-Freshman Oliver Hewett (8th), Jake Tubesing (10th) and Fahad Paryani (11th) joined to give LHSCC the team championship for an unnumberedth consecutive year. Caleb Torres, Charlie Bresee and Oscar Ibanez made up the rest of the first place team.

THANKS to Mr Clyne for coming out and supporting the team on Thursday.

THE DEKALB COUNTY VARSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS are Tuesday, October 7 at Druid Hills Middle School.

Race times are 5:15 for the girls and 5:45 for the boys. Come cheer on the teams in what will again be the closest races of the season for both individuals and teams. Really, you don’t want to miss it.

WENDY’S is a place that LHSCC doesn’t visit very often (except on the way to summer camp) But the WENDY’S INVITATIONAL is a place they go to test themselves against the very best. Thanks to race director Larry McAfee and all the volunteers at folks at McAlpine Park for their efforts in making their 40th annual race a highlight of our season. It was a perfect weekend for racing and LHSCC took advantage of it.

Davis Stockwell led the team and most of the large, very fast field to finish 5th overall in the Invitational race. Davis may well return to this course for the Foot Locker South Region Championships at the end of November.

THE BOYS VARSITY finished 7th out of 33 teams in an impressive effort, with 6 runners under 17 mins.

THE GIRLS VARSITY continues to improve with a strong (literally) 16th place finish

OUR “INDIVIDUAL” racers also had a great day, with almost every runner posting a season PR! Highlighted performances include Dan Nelson and Weston Warncke, who broke 17 minutes for the first time this season. Philip Lechner, Emiliano Arellano, Myles Boyd and Oscar Godoy broke 18 minutes for the first time as well. Morgan Mihalis led the girls with a strong kick to finish 31st out of over 200 runners. Corrie Smith broke the 20 minute milestone for the first time. Elian Blam was close behind breaking 22 minutes (by 45 seconds!) Sarah Breeden wasn’t even racing a 3 weeks ago and finished fourth on the team! Rachel Grimes dropped 1:30 on the season, Palar Mulbah dropped 2:30 and Feven Alemayehu dropped 4 minutes and 19 seconds since Early Bird!

And a fun time was had as well. Coach Barbe’s van jammed to the likes of Lil Jon and Nikki Minaj (I don’t care if I spelled that wrong) and Coach River’s van argued the current policy issues of the day. Who had more fun? Obviously, it was a tie!

THE LONG SLEEVE T IS HERE! The arrival of cooler temps means its championship time AND the time for our annual long sleeve spirit wear t’s. Designed by our captains, this years shirt features an EKG “landscape” of cross country hills. Ms Nelson will be in Coach Barbe’s room before practice to distribute the shirts (to all LHSCC members who have paid their Booster Club dues)

ENJOY THE SCENERY! Sometimes xc runners are so focused on their training or a race that they forget to see the forest and the trees. So to encourage the habit, LHSCC is organizing a fun run at Yellow River Park on Saturday. We will meet at LHS at 9am to organize rides to the park, with plans on returning around 11 am. Come enjoy a beautiful trail run along a lazy river. Parents are invited too. Contact Wanda Andrienni if you can drive.

EATING RIGHT ON THURSDAY NIGHT. In our continuing effort to change your life forever; LHSCC is presenting a Salad Night this Thursday after practice. Coach Pastirik will give a short presentation on nutrition and everyone will have a chance to make a meal with healthy ingredients provided by the Booster Club. Everyone is invited to join us and learn how to “chow like a champion”

THANKS AGAIN TO BIG PEACH RUNNING COMPANY. Nelli at the Decatur store just donated 15 pairs of spikes for girls and boys, track and cross country.

COACH’S TIP: LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES! Have I done this one already? Maybe I just think that because it all seems so obvious to me. The coaches of LHSCC know what they are talking about. They have years of experience and education and are all dedicated athletes as well. They know what it is going to take for every member of LHSCC to achieve their loftiest goals. Now, as we face the last and most important races of the season, everyone needs to pay attention to what they are being told. The messages are both general and personal and are coming from each of our coaches. If you do as you are being coached (told) that is all you have to do. It really is obvious.

LOOKING FOR SOME HELP. Coach Barbe is making another Coach’s Community Challenge. He is looking for as many volunteers as possible to help with a number of projects here at Lakeside. We will meet at 11 am on Saturday (after the YR run) and work until around 1 pm. Snacks will be provided. Anyone with an idea for more community service projects should let Coach Barbe know asap.

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE There is not invitational this Saturday, but it is still a very important week



Races are at 5:15 and 5:45

The Team Bus (for the team that is racing) leaves at 4pm

Everyone else will do “fartleks” to the race (and ride the bus back)



SALAD NIGHT after practice from 5 until 6pm

FRIDAY FITNESS FUN DAY! The name speaks for itself

SATURDAY TEAM RUN AT YELLOW RIVER PARK Anyone interested should meet at LHS at 9am

Everyone else should run for an hour in a beautiful place and enjoy it

SUNDAY REST DAY / NO RUNNING PLEASE. Even Coach Rivers says “take a day off”



1. How many times is the word “champion” used in this week’s “Run Log”?

2. What word was used repeatedly to describe the efforts of members of the girl’s team?

3. What does our long sleeve t look like?

4. What does “fartlek” mean in Swedish”

5. Who has the most fun in LHSCC?

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