LHSXC Weekly Word #11

LHSCC 2014 WEEKLY UPDATE # 11… from Coach Barbe

CONGRATULATIONS, THIS IS THE END! Just like in a race, the toughest part is the end. In a 5K, it’s the .1 after 3 long miles. So it is with the cross country season, the last two weeks are the most difficult, especially after 2 ½ months of training (and Coach Barbe’s yelling) Now is the time to dig deep, just like your finishing “kick” Runners must keep their focus, continue to be consistent in their training, and keep doing the little things all the way to the end! All racers are encouraged to RTTF!*

THE VARSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS, this past Tuesday, were another chance for LHSCC to add to its tradition of dominance at this annual event. Our success at the JV c’ships was a fitting prelude to Tuesday’s races.

THE VARSITY GIRLS led the way with a runner’s up finish to Dunwoody and their growing tradition. The team was led by Corrie Smith who was the county silver medalist with Morgan Mihalis (4th) just seconds behind. Freshman Rachel Grimes (8th) was also honored as a top ten finisher. Eliana Blam, Sarah Breeden, Ruth Ann Traynelis and Hailey Berry were also racers on Tuesday. Most of the girls dropped minutes from their Time Trials in August. And this was after driving to and from Charlotte and PRs at Wendy’s! Other team members included Feven Alemayehu and Jenn Guzdial.

THE VARSITY BOYS toed the line with hopes of running away from the field, which they did; with only Clarkston finishing in front of them. We celebrate their victory with them, but are already looking forward to next year’s races. LHSCC had two top ten finishers with Tyler Breeden (7th) and Andrew Kent (10th) leading the team (after Davis Stockwell had severe cramps to go along with a deep thigh bruise) Connor Keisling, Dan Nelson, Weston Warncke and Max Steele dropped as much as a minute since August to go with their fast times at Wendy’s. Philip Lechner, Emiliano Arellano and Michael Leon joined the team celebration.

With a championship and 3 runners up plaques, LHSCC proved to be the best program in Dekalb County for the 50th year in a row!

THIS WEEK’S RACE is the Nike / Coach Wood Invitational on Saturday at Gainesville College. This will probably be the fastest race of the season for everyone, so it is not to be missed by anyone. This is a real opportunity to finish the invitational season with a PR! LHSCC will be running in the following races (keep track of start times please):

8:40 am Championship JV BOYS (10 runners)

10:00am Championship VARSITY BOYS (10 runners)

10:30am First Awards Ceremony

11:10am Blue JV / OPEN GIRLS (unlimited)

11:50am Blue JV / OPEN BOYS (unlimited)

12:30pm Gold VARSITY GIRLS (10 runners)

1:50pm Gold JV GIRLS (10 runners)

The team bus will leave LHS at 7am. All runners are encouraged to pack a little lunch as we will be in Gainesville for most of the day. A concession stand is also available for food purchases

ANOTHER CHANCE to meet the Coach’s Community Challenge is coming up Saturday at Coach Wood. Mill Creek HS, the hosts of the race, are sponsoring a CANNED FOOD DRIVE for local charities. There is a prize and trophy for the school that brings the most cans to the race on Saturday. Let’s win that prize and show everyone that LHSCC leads local cross country programs in more ways than just races.

SALAD NIGHT was delicious and nutritious! Coach Pastirik helped us understand not only what it takes to “chow like a champion” but also taught us the science behind our nutrition choices. Then we all “chowed like a champion” on greens, vegetables and toppings. Thanks to Mr. and Ms. Smith (Corrie’s folks) and Ms. Stoddard (Aaron’s mom) for their help getting things chopped and ready to go

MONDAY’S PRACTICE will be at LHS at 10:00am. All runners are expected to attend, unless they have a signed excuse. Parents, please help your child make it to this practice, and to all of our remaining practices. Help them learn about commitment, dedication and the reward that comes from sticking with something to the end.

LAST CHANCE for team members to remain part of LHSCC. Sadly, attendance has become a problem. As the season enters its last weeks, many runners are making the choice to miss training without notice or makeup. Our recent events and practices have been poorly attended. Consistency in training has been a focus for the season since August, and now it is more important than ever. We have worked hard for a long time (it seems), but the results have been obvious; to stop now, right at the end, is like stopping running a race with a quarter mile to go.

As a result, all runners and their parents are hereby put on notice:

ANY RUNNER that had an unexcused absence from practice this past week (including Friday) and has an unexcused absence this coming week ( including Monday) will NOT race in Gainesville on Saturday. Whether they remain a part of the team will be decided by the Leadership Council. Unexcused absences are any missed practices without prior notice to one of the coaches or captains. (No Refund of Booster Club dues will be given to team members excused from the team as a result of lack of attendance)

COACH’S TIP: *RTTF! RUN THROUGH THE FINISH. Everyone is tired. It has been a long season. But this is the end. For most runners, there are only two weeks and two races remaining. . We can see the finish line. Now is the time to put your head down and not let anything (or anyone) get between you and your victory. You have earned it, you deserve it! Let’s not slow down until we are on the other side of the finish line, when we can throw up our arms and yell “_____________________” (you fill in the blank)


MONDAY QUALITY DAY @ LHS practice begins on the track at 10am 1 mile intervals

TUESDAY RECOVERY DAY @ LHS moderate distance and pace


THURSDAY POOL DAY with emphasis on strength

FRIDAY PRE-RACE Team Spaghetti Dinner at the Steele’s

SATURDAY NIKE / COACH WOOD INVITATIONAL Get ready to set a PR! Don’t forget to bring canned food for the race



Team Pizza Night and awards voting on Thursday, Oct 23

Our last team, spaghetti dinner on Friday, October 24 at the Traynelis’

The Region 2-AAAAAA Championships at Druid Hills Middle School

The Homecoming Parade on Thursday Oct 30

The Halloween Costume Run on Friday, Oct. 31 (there are prizes for the best costumes)

The State Championships on Saturday, Nov. 8

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