LHSXC Weekly Word #12

LHSCC 2014 WEEKLY UPDATE# 12… from Coach Barbe

HERE WE GO! This is what Coach Barbe yelled to runners as they made the last turn onto the straightaway just a hundred yards from the finish. This was the last encouragement he could give to help runners finish what had been a good effort so far. And if you were there, you saw each member of LHSCC respond! That is where we are with the season. For all runners except the State Team, this is the last week of the season, a last chance to finish this race of a season with everything you have!

START WITH THE FINISHES. Saturday morning Coach Barbe encouraged the team, based on our training so far, to be “ready to do their best”. And judging by their finishes, at Saturday’s day-long running festival at the Nike / Coach Wood Invitational in Gainesville the team did just that. Davis Stockwell, Myles Boyd and Morgan Mihalis used strong strategic kicks to medal in their races. And every LHSCC runner proved their resolve with impressive sprints to the line. But this week’s FANTASTIC FINISHER award goes to Andrew Crites, who continued his impressive improvement with a finishing burst of speed to a season PR!

THE GIRLS VARSITY had the best team finish of the day, coming in 6th overall. They were led by Morgan Mihalis (2d) followed closely by Corrie Smith (5th). Jennifer Guzdial and Feven Alemayehu had season PRs for the team as well. THE GIRLS JV were led by “red-shirt” Grace Cronin who is finally fulfilling her potential after an injury plagued freshman year. Speaking of freshmen, our newest runners had their best day ever! Kathryn Kent ran her first 5-K of the season and was 3rd on the JV team. Mallorie Eberhardt, Anna Monteith and Abby Thein all set season marks by as much as 1 ½ minutes! Mia Guerra broke the 30 min mark for the first time and was joined in the sub 30 club by Charice Sinclair (not a freshman but still a rookie) who was racing for the first time since Early Bird. Fatou Sarr and Tiffany Ng, both veterans, set season PRs as well. Tiffany tied Abby for biggest time drop on Saturday. You go girls! (literally!)

THE BOYS VARSITY AND JV ran in the Championship races Saturday. As an example of how tough the competition was, THE JV BOYS finished 10th overall. 9th place was Parkview and 8th place was Marist! The JV boys were once again led by Myles Boyd (7th) who led the race for over a mile. Davis Stockwell continues to be one of the best runners in the state and he proved it against the very best on Saturday.

BTW, in the canned food drive…we finished 3rd out of nearly 60 schools. Thanks to everyone who donated.

THIS SATURDAY’S RACE is for the Region 2-AAAAAA Championship. LHSCC will host the region championship on Saturday, October 25 at Druid Hills Middle School.

Race Times are:

JV / OPEN BOYS will run at 9:45am JV / OPEN GIRLS will race at 10:30 am

(* These races will be run with the JV teams from Region 6-5A as well)

VARSITY BOYS will race at 11:15am VARSITY GIRLS will race at 12:00 noon

The AWARDS CEREMONY will be held at 12:45

THE REGION / STATE TEAM, consisting of 12 boys and 12 girls will be announced at Monday’s practice. The team was chosen by coaches and team leaders based on recent as well as season long success. 7 of these 12 will be chosen to represent LHSCC at the Region and State Championships.

LHSCC will be hosting, along with Dunwoody, on Saturday. We have agreed to organize the course and Dunwoody has taken care of all the administrative work, including the race timing and the finish. Thanks to Coach Bryan Boucher for all of his hard work.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for Saturday. As hosts of the race and the course, LHSCC has agreed to provide course monitors for all races (including the Region 6-AAAAA races earlier in the morning) Coach Bill Chadwick will be organizing volunteers at the course Saturday morning at 7:45am (Coach Barbe will also be there) We need help monitoring the course for all 6 races. Thanks in advance for your support and time.

SPEAKING OF VOLUNTEERSTHANKS to the Steeles for hosting our most recent team / birthday dinner. This week’s dinner, the last for the whole team, will be hosted by the Traynelises. And we all know how fun their house can be, so don’t miss it!

THURSDAY IS A DAY NOT TO BE MISSED! Really, don’t miss it. We will have our regular workouts and study hall, after which we will meet in Coach Pastirik’s room for some very important business. First, we will hear from Rafael Ibarra on “what it takes to be a champion”. And then, with that inspiration, we will all be voting for our end of the season awards. You don’t count if you don’t vote. There are a few other surprises as well planned. And we top off the evening (which will end by 6pm) with pizza for everyone!

COACH’S CHALLENGE: GIVE EVERYTING YOU HAVE GOT! Whatever you have done so far, whatever degree to which you have embraced the daily challenges of this season and this sport, FINISH STRONG! Make cross country a priority this week, everyday! Train like a train! Chow like a champion! Hydrate like a Hippo! Sleep like a sloth! (this last one come from D.S.) It seems like this has been the challenge every week, but now there is only one week to go. I challenge you to make it the best week of the season!


THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE: if you don’t know it by now, you have not been paying attention. So, pay attention! This is a very important week…

MONDAY QUALITY DAY with a focus on speed and endurance

TUESDAY RECOVERY DAY with an on pace run

WEDNESDAY QUALITY DAY at the Championship course focusing on pace


FRIDAY PRE RACE at Druid Hills Middle School, visualizing “victory”!

SATURDAY REGION 2-AAAAAA CHAMPIONSHIPS. Team Buses leave LHS at 8:30am, returning around 1:30


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