LHSXC Weekly Word #13

LHSCC 2014 WEEKLY UPDATE # 13 from Coach Barbe

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Lakeside dominated the competition in the Region 2-AAAAAA championships on Saturday. Although the field was relatively small, LHSCC beat everyone else that toed the line. The JV Boys, Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls had every runner in the top ten. Congrats to Rockdale County, Tucker and Newton County high schools for also qualifying for the state championships on Nov. 8

The VARSITY GIRLS scored a perfect 15 to win the girls’ championship. Morgan Mihalis defended her Region Championship, followed closely for the entire race by Corrie Smith (2d). The next group across the finish line was the trio of Sarah Breeden (3d), Rachel Grimes (4th) and Eliana Blam (5th). Then another runner finished. And then Jennifer Guzdial (7th) and Ruth Anne Traynelis (8th) completed the near sweep. Sarah Breeden wins the award for biggest post race smile.

The VARSITY BOYS were almost as good, scoring 19 points. Davis Stockwell also repeated as champion, but had a much tougher race to do it. He successfully battled Rockdale County’s Dax Willette in a race that was decided by 8 one hundredths of a second! The next 5 jerseys across the line all said “Vikings” on them. Andrew Kent (3d), Tyler Breeden (4th), Dan Nelson (5th), Connor Keisling (6th) and Weston Warncke (7th) were joined in the top ten by Max Steele (9th and 7th best for the whole team)

THE JV BOYS also have an individual champion in Myles Boyd, who added to his list of championships won on the DHMS course. Myles was followed closely by Oscar Godoy (2d) and Philip Lechner (3d) as they battle for spots on the state team. Ryan Wenner (5th), Jake Tubesing (6th), Caleb Torres (8th) are proof that the future of LHSCC is looking bright. Senior Marque Owens (9th) ended his LHSCC career with a top ten finish.

THE JV GIRLS had some of the biggest winners of the day, even though Dunwoody proved they will be a team to beat for years to come. Hannah Breeden was our top finisher, improving her DHMS race time by over a minute and a half! Feven Alemayehu had the meanest face of any LHSCC finisher despite running with pain. Hayden Ramsey used a determined finish to break 30 minutes for the first time this season and set a career PR. Marta Keen, a LHSCC rookie, also joined the sub-30 club. Fatou Sarr had her best race of the season, dropping nearly 7 minutes this season despite injuries.


DUNWOODY COACHES Bryan Boucher and Brad Hendrickson and Dunwoody parents for their help Saturday. Congrats to both of their teams that will be racing in two weeks

LHSCC PARENTS for volunteering as course monitors Saturday, cheering on the team and providing the support necessary to make this program successful

COACH PETE CARLSON (LHS Wrestling) who woke up early to come out and support LHSCC and a couple of wrestlers, Tyler Breeden and Andrew Clough, who happen to be pretty dedicated runners.

THE TRAYNELISes(?) for opening up their home to the team for another spaghetti dinner. LHSCC loves s’mores!

JOE REED and BILL CHADWICK. They have been part of our success since the beginning.

TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF LHSCC 2014 All we asked was for all you had. And you gave geverously.

UNIFORMS must be turned in on Monday, to Coach Barbe, in room 1213, before or after school. Better to turn in dirty uniforms on Monday than a clean uniform later. After Monday, uniforms can be turned in after school only. Do not make the coaches come looking for you.

COACH’S TIP: NUFF SAID. I have been encouraging everyone to do all the things necessary to reach your full potential. And Saturday’s results prove that I was telling you the truth, and that you were listening. A comparison of Saturday’s race times and our results from our first time trials on August 20 (also held at DHMS), shows some impressive improvement for every LHSCC runner and at all levels of the team. Varsity runners, Davis Stockwell dropped over 2 minutes and Eliana Blam dropped over three. Max Sanford, Aaron Barrocas, Spencer Donovan and Carson King all dropped over 5 minutes. Feven Alemayehu improved her course time by over 6 minutes! And she is not even our most improved. Mia Guerra and Anna Monteith improved by over 10 minutes in just 3 months. But wait, even they are not our biggest winner in this category. Improving by over 16 minutes, in her first season with LHSCC, is senior Hannah Habit. Now all everyone has to do, is keep doing what you have been doing. Nuff said. (Have I said that before?)



THURSDAY, OCT 30 – LHS HOMECOMING PARADE Everyone is invited to come and join the fun as we celebrate Lakeside’s (and LHSCC’s ) 50th anniversary!

FRIDAY, OCT 31 – LHSCC HALLOWEEN FUN RUN. Meet, in costume on the track at 3:30 for an easy neighborhood run with treats and prizes

SATURDAY, NOV. 1 – SAGAMORE HILLS ES FUN RUN. They have a cool t-shirt

TUESDAY, NOV 18 – LHSCC AWARDS BANQUET. It may be the longest LHS sports banquet, but it is also the most fun. Don’t miss it!

THIS WEEK’S TRAINING SCHEDULE is for members of the state team only. All other LHSCC members are encouraged to get together as a group and continue to run on a regular basis. HOWEVER, everyone is invited to participate in the Homecoming Parade on Thursday and the Halloween Run on Friday.





THURSDAY RECOVERY: Soft Surface Running and Pool at LHS

HOMECOMING PARADE: Everyone meet at Coach Barbe’s room at 4:30

FRIDAY HALLOWEEN COSTUME RUN AND FUN! Treats for all runners and prizes for the the best, most creative, running related costumes.

SATURDAY HILL TRAINING at Piedmont Park Meet at LHS at 8am return around noon


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