BORN TO                COMPETE


May 30 - June 5:

"Dead Week" ... NO PRACTICE!!!

June 28 - July 4:

"Dead Week" ... NO PRACTICE!!!

(M - F and 4th of July Weekend)

June 7 (Mon):

Summer Training Begins at LHS from 8 - 10 am M - F all summer long

(Captain-Led, HIGHLY encouraged)

Only five weeks of summer training before camp!

July 19 - 24:

LHSCC Camp at Berry College

August 2 (Mon):

Start of Season

Returning runners should be complete and confirmed in Dragonfly

Practices begin at LHS from 3:45 - 5:45

August 6 (Fri):

Hard Deadline for Dragonfly

August 11 (Wed):

Viking Night

August 14 (Sat):

In-House Two-Mile at LHS

August 20 (Fri):

Spaghetti Dinner

August 21 (Sat):

Two-Mile Stage Race at Marist

August 24 (Tue):

County Meet at Druid Hills Middle School (DHMS)

August 27 (Fri):

Spaghetti Dinner

August 28 (Sat):

Early Bird

September 2 (Thur):

Spike Night

September 6 (Mon):

Big Peach Sizzler

September 7 (Tue):

County Meet at DHMS

September 21 (Tue):

County Meet at DHMS

September 23 (Thur):

Spaghetti Dinner

September 24 and 25:


September 30 (Thur):

County JV Championship at DHMS

October 1 and 2:

Wendy's Invitational (NC)

Leave October 1st, race and return the 2nd (select group, invitation only)

October 5 (Tue):

County Varsity Championship at DHMS

October 15 (Fri):

Spaghetti Dinner

October 18 (Mon):

Vote on Awards

October 16 (Sat):

Coach Wood aka PR'ville!

October 23 (Sat):

6A Region Championship

November 6 (Sat):

State meet: 8:00 am (boys) and 8:30 am (girls)

November 10 (Wed):

End of Season Banquet